Trump Jr’s message to Russian operatives? I’m open for business | Richard Wolffe

His only defense for apparently wanting to collude with an unknown foreign national was that nothing moved forward because she had no information Donald Trump Jr is a curious beast. Of all the hotheads around his hotheaded father, the oldest son leads the charge in confirming the presidents very worst […]

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Lyft adds automatic ride receipt forwarding for business profiles

Lyft now makes it easier for business travelers to expense the trips they take for work rides taken under a Business Profile within the Lyft app can now be automatically forwarded to a number of expense management systems, including Expensify, Chrome River, Concur, Nexonia, Zoho, Abacus and Xpenditure. The auto […]

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5 ways adopting the mindset of a UX designer can help grow your business

Business advice can come from all types of sources. But one unconventional way to grow as an entrepreneur: think like a UX designer. As an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, professor, Amazon best-selling author of Reframe, UX expert with more than 18 years of experience under her belt, and founder and CEO […]

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Benjamin Netanyahu and Narendra Modi hit the beach to do business

(CNN)Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi brought a whole new definition to “chilling out” after wading in the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday. Modi, the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel, arrived at a time of good relations between the two countries, which are marking […]

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