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SNLs Hillary Clinton Goes Full Love Actually on Elector: Trump Will Kill Us All

In a spoof of Love Actually, Kate McKinnons Hillary Clinton shows up at an electors door. Instead of To me, you are perfect, its something far more bleak. “> A modern day heartwarming Christmas classic meets a modern day heartbreaking cultural tragedy whenSaturday Night Livespoofed theiconicLove Actuallyscenewhere theguy fromThe Walking […]

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Van Jones, Near Tears on CNN: This Is a Deeply Painful Moment in America

The liberal CNN commentator used the term whitelash to describe what seemingly happened across America on Tuesday night.”> Van Joness longtime CNN sparring partner Jeffrey Lord marveled over the miracle that was Donald Trumps unexpected success in the polls Tuesday. But Jones himself was seemingly living through a full-on nightmare. […]

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Japanese kids vs. Zombie

Knight Scoop is a popular Japanese late-night program that investigates unique and interesting stories across the country. Watch what happens when one of their reporters visits three children who are obsessed with prepping for the zombie apocalypse. Originally published at:

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Happy 20th birthday, ICQ!

Uh-oh! Its 20 years to the day since the introduction of one of the internets most well-remembered chat apps: ICQ. It was pretty barebones in its first form, released by its Israeli student creators in November 1996, but over the next year had versions available for Windows 95, 3.1 (not […]

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