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Don’t be like Rob Kardashian and try to punish your ex by posting explicit images of her to social media

Don't do what Rob Kardashian did.Image: Getty Images Rob Kardashian wants revenge on his ex-fiancee, Blac Chyna, and he could go to jail in pursuit of it. Kardashian made that clear Wednesday when he relentlessly posted nude images designed to shame and embarrass Chyna on social media. The pair, who […]

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Honest financing as a path to economic mobility and social justice

More posts by this contributor: In The Land Of Opportunity, Why Hinder Our Own Success? Societal health can be assessed by a handful of factors: economic mobility (is the current generation earning more than their parents did?), upward mobility (the rate of which an individual can improve their own socioeconomic status), […]

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Here’s How Corinne Olympios Returned To Social Media Following The Bachelor In Paradise Scandal

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! Following her brief but scandalous stint on Bachelor In Paradise, Corinne Olympios has remained radio silent on all of her very active social media channels — until now! Related: Corinne Completed Her Own BIP Investigation & The Findings Are In! On […]

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Facebook is winning the social networking war, but here’s how Amazon almost did it first

Amazon CEO Jeff BezosImage: David Ryder/Getty Images It may seem like Amazon is suddenly hungry to take over the world, but the company has been focused on dominating the internet for a very long time, a fact we were recently reminded of via a profile on early social networking site […]

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It’s true, it’s DAMN true! Iowahawk tweets the PERFECT ‘Trump vs Media’ gif, wins the Internet

Some days watching Trump versus the media looks EXACTLY like this gif … Trump vs Media update — David Burge (@iowahawkblog) June 29, 2017 And they’re both DOWN. That’s it. Dave won the Internet today … everyone can go home now. The Internet is now complete. Turn off the […]

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