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With $500K in financing, The Perspective wants to unite a divided media world

How did a former comedy writer and marketing executive wind up tackling the thorny problem of our politically fragmented modern society? For Daniel Ravner, the 41-year-old founder of The Perspective, the answer was in the last election. The concept is relatively simple basically create a media and opinion site that […]

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How Everette Taylor went from a homeless college dropout to chief marketing officer at Skurt

Ruben Harris is a professional cellist and a recovering investment banker who now leads partnerships in San Francisco for Honor, a healthcare startup focused on seniors. He is also a founder of the Breaking Into Startups podcast. More posts by this contributor: At 50, Dev Bootcamp’s Michael Jay Walker quit […]

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The Guardian view on leaving Europe: ending a marriage of inconvenience | Editorial

Editorial: The prime minister revealed that she understands her domestic audience but not her European one. The result was a row founded on a peculiar British trait: a feeling that we had traded an empire we ran for one that ran us Britains departure from the European Union, one of […]

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Zenreach raises $30M to help businesses boost their marketing with free Wi-Fi

Zenreach is announcing that it has raised $30 million in Series C funding. The roundcomes from venture capital firms like Maverick Ventures, Founders Fund (Founders Funds Peter Thiel joined the board last year), 8 VC, Bain Capital Ventures, First Round Capital and SV Angel plus two celebrity investors, NBA star […]

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