IPUs? These New Chips Are Minted For Marketing

IPUn. Short for intelligence processing unit, a new kind of computer chip optimized for AI. Way back in the early 2000s, when the first Xbox came out, researchers discovered they could hack video­game consoles for scientific uses. It seems the devices’ graphic processing units, or GPUs, designed to render flying gore and mayhem, also ran […]

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‘Geostorm’ marketing prank proves people won’t keep their cool in a real disaster

Selina Meyer would be unmoved by such sentimental displays of affection.Image: HBO Who’d have thought that one of the most caustic shows on television could yield one of the sweetest moments on Twitter? SEE ALSO: Joe Biden writes Julia Louis-Dreyfus the sweetest tweet ever, from one veep to another A few weeks ago, we got […]

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Twitter’s Leslie Berland shares the marketing strategy behind the microphone

Image: Jennifer S. Altman What’s posted on Twitter inspires headlines, but looking at the last few years of stories about Twitter itself? Not so inspirational. Rampant abuse is leading high-profile celebrities to abandon the service. Same with c-suite executives and other prominent users. As for everyone else, user growth has all but stalled. Twitter’s aspirations […]

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PhoneWagon raises $1.2M to track when marketing campaigns lead to phone calls

When it comes to tracking the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns, PhoneWagon CEO Ryan Shank said there’s been a big piece missing for most businesses — namely, how often those campaigns lead to phone calls. Shank has plenty of experience in local marketing, having worked in sales at Yext, then serving as COO Mhelpdesk, which was […]

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Local plumber gets an A+ in marketing for creative decal

A plumber waves from inside ofThe Sault’s Plumber truck.Image: The Sault’s Plumber/Facebook Plumbing is a dog-eat-dog kind of business and those with the strongest truck decals have the upper hand. The Sault’s Plumber, a plumbing business located out of Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, Canada knows how to stand out. The company recently posted a photo […]

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