January 4, 2018

Biggest social media moments of 2017

Top 5 rejected ‘Top 5s’ (2017 edition)

Not every concept we have for “Top 5” becomes an episode. Here are ones that almost made the cut.

Bitcoin: A beginner’s guide

Trying to understand the ins and outs of Bitcoin can be confusing. Sharon Profis explains what Bitcoin is, and why it’s so popular…

Apple admits it’s slowing down your older iPhone

Apple comes clean after overwhelming evidence showed that it’s throttling down the speed of older iPhones. Here’s our reaction.

Apple is bringing iOS and Mac apps together (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 115)

For Apple to move toward bringing iOS and MacOS together as one was just a matter of time. Is Apple throttling the performance of older…

Bill Nye talks science of getting high

The science guy buys weed in his second season of “Bill Nye Saves the World.” CNET’s Bridget Carey asks Nye about his thoughts on marijuana,…

The iMac Pro isn’t for everyone (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 114)

Net neutrality is dead, the iMac Pro brings power with no expansion, and what will the Apple-Dhazam partnership bring?

Disney announces a deal worth over $66 billion, will acquire most of 21st Century Fox’s movie and TV assets. But will the deal go through?

Is Apple bringing back the iPhone with a metal back? (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 113)

New iPhone 2018 rumors, Amazon Prime Video is finally on the Apple TV and iOS 11 is the worst iOS release we have ever seen. It’s not…