Content Marketing Method: Five Important Components Based on 24 Statistics

Though content marketing is now a near-universal practice, success is uneven, as numerous companies are still discovering their footing.According to the Twitter for Organisation blog, 91%percent of B2B marketers aredoing content marketing.”Nevertheless, teams are lean, indicating that many companies are still in the early stages of content marketing. 53%of participants […]

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Ways to Spend a Digital Marketing Budget Plan in 2018

. For some, it was company as typical. Online marketers understand that the two routes for successful marketing on Facebook– establishing exceptionally great content and paying for advertisements– are most likely to remain unblemished. For others, it was a sign it is time for a more diverse social media spending. […]

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Marketing’s 25 most influential share their best growth hacking strategies

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto Growth hacking: Strategies and techniques from marketing’s 25 most influential leaders Born in 2010, the term “growth hacker” was first defined by Sean Ellis as “a person whose true north is growth” … someone with a “burning desire to connect your target market with your must-have solution.”  […]

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Books, the Ultimate Material Marketing: Wiley’s David Palmer on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]: Marketing Podcast

Books, the Ultimate Material Marketing: Wiley’s David Palmer on Marketing Smarts [Podcast] Register to get access to countless marketing resources! Don’t fret … It’s FREE! David Palmer is a marketing director at, where he oversees Dummies B2B and the For Dummies, Company, and Education product lines for Wiley’s Professional Development […]

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