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10 Good Things That Happen When Your Social Media Is 100% Positive

Just as a healthy diet makes you stronger, consuming positive content empowers you to lead your best life. Why not filter the negativity from your social media accounts and set the stage for an online experience that improves your overall attitude and your daily life? Weve partnered with Brita to […]

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Trump bans media from White House meeting, except for Russian photographers

Image: Getty Images UPDATE: May 11, 2017, 8:48 a.m. EDT CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta reports that the White House feels tricked by the Russians. Photos of Trump’s meeting with Lavrov and Kislyak just hit the Getty wire and they’re all credited to Russian news agency TASS Matt […]

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Social Media Meltdown: The Ace Hardware Twitter Account Spent All Of Yesterday Asking What Hammers Are

Weve seen a lot of clueless companies misuse Twitter, but its going to be hard to top the blunder Ace Hardware just made. Yesterday, @AceHardware sent out numerous tweets proving that the company has no idea what hammers are. This would be pretty embarrassing for any organization, but for a […]

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President Trumps White House Media Blackout Has Reporters Talking Mutiny

Nearly every president in office, at one time or another, is confronted with a near-impossible decision. Lincolns suspension of habeas corpus. Truman relieving General MacArthur. Kennedys blockade of Cuba during the missile crisis. And now, the great question of President Donald Trumps era: does he care more about his image? […]

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Womans Social Experiment Reveals How Men React When Women Accept Their Compliments

Jones realized that every time a man compliments her and she replies with a simple, straight-faced ‘thanks’ rather than a squeaky ‘thank-you’, men get upset. Simply accepting their compliments is something they don’t expect and it pisses them off (not all men, of course). “It’s the idea that they bestow […]

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