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Email, social networks, online dating bad options you make every day

Tackling your simplest tasks initially simple presence of your cellular phone close by can injure your cognitive performance– even if you’re uninformed of its influence. The very best solution seems keeping your phone in another room totally. Remaining seated throughout the day Flickr/Sebastiaan ter Burg A 2015 research study published in the Journal of Applied […]

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Social-Media Use Bears Resemblances to Drug Dependency

With Facebook sustaining a wave of public criticism for its cavalier method to user privacy, it’s ending up being more apparent how essential social media has ended up being. I suspect it will be several years prior to the real scale and scope of the changes are appreciated, and even then much will never ever […]

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London murders: Youngsters ‘secured war sustained by social networks’ as violent criminal activity in capital rises

There is a “war” going on in between groups of children in north London amidst a wave of shootings and stabbings in the capital, according to a veteran campaigner.The youths, from Tottenham and Wood Green, are being fuelled by social media, racial equality campaigner Stafford Scott said.He spoke out after gang members appeared to joke […]

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Most Current Social Network Fad For Idiots is Microwaving Foil

over 38,000 retweets and over 62,000 likes.Unaware of the fundamental reality that microwaving tin foil or aluminium is incredibly harmful and can cause serious fires, some people in fact appeared to follow through and attempted the stunt.Wow! I just burnt my microwave because of this!.?.!— Tsonga King Wandile(@ 1ndi3 _) April 2, 2018 I […]

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