February 9, 2018

Chris Rymer: Instagram bikie shuts down social media page

Chris Michael Rymer announced he was leaving Instagram by posting a picture of media coverage of his latest court appearance for a vicious prison assault on an accused murderer. He wrote “bye bye Instagram” on the image and deleted his account shortly afterwards.

Acquitted along with seven other Rebels bikies late last year of the torture attack, 27-year-old Rymer took to sharing images of luxury shopping and attractive girlfriend.

As revealed exclusively by, Rymer returned to his comfortable lifestyle from the squalid confines of Silverwater prison after a jury found all eight men not guilty.

The story about the bikie’s display of affluence on Instagram had gone viral.

But this week Rymer abandoned Instagram because of a blaze of new publicity.

He faced court once again on Monday, this time for attacking another inmate in the visits section of the vast Metropolitan remand jail at the Silverwater facility.

Rymer’s lawyer told Burwood Court that his client had lashed out at the prisoner because he believed the inmate was involved with the gangland killing of Rebel bikie Michael Davey.

Among Rymer’s post prison release Instagram images are pictures of him visiting the grave of his close bikie gang mate, “Ruthless” Davey.

Senior Rebel Chris Rymer deleted his Instagram account shortly after sharing this imagine on his “Story” last Wednesday.Source:Instagram

Rebels bikie Chris Rymer celebrating his prison release on Instagram, before shutting down his account this week.Source:Instagram

Rymer went on a luxury shopping spree.Source:Instagram

He wore red designer loafers to court.Source:Instagram

The so-called Micky D, aka the “Prince of Penrith”, was gunned down in his driveway in 2016 reportedly by members of his own brotherhood after trying to leave the gang.

The gang assassination happened while Rymer and the seven other Rebels were incarcerated, awaiting trial for the kidnap and 36-hour torture of a former gang leader.

All eight were acquitted, and Rymer took to Instagram over three months celebrate each man’s release.

Burwood court heard that while in prison on December 6, 2016, Rymer assaulted the inmate, who is awaiting trial on a high profile murder, in the visits section.

Following the assault, a $250,000 hit was reportedly put out on Rymer in prison.

But after the Daily Telegraph reported on the details which emerged in Monday’s court hearing, Rymer withdrew from Instagram.

Sharing a picture of the Telegraph article about his appearance, Rymer added the words “Bye bye Instagram” in purple with a waving hand emoji.

Rymer took his family to Wet’N’Wild and celebrated with shopping trips and eating restaurant meals.Source:Instagram

During this week’s hearing, the court was told prison CCTV captured Rymer attacking the inmate he believed was involved in Davey’s gangland killing.

When the inmate saw Rymer approaching him, he put out his hand for Rymer to shake.

Instead, Rymer punched the man hard in the chin with a closed fist and then kicked him in the head and chest before prison officers restrained him.

“It’s unprovoked … You see him punch then kick him in the face,” police prosecutor Sergeant Carter told the court, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Rymer’s solicitor Adam Williams argued his client, who pleaded guilty to common assault over the Silverwater attack, had barely touched the victim.

“The assault itself was very brief … It’s not clear that they actually connected,” Mr Williams said.

Slain Rebel Michael ‘Ruthless’ Davey received posthumous birthday wishes in December from the released bikies.Source:Instagram

Rymer at the grave of slain Rebels bikie Michael ‘Ruthless’ Davey who was assassinated while he was in prison.Source:Instagram

He explained his client “lost control of his emotions” after seeing the man.

Following the assault, Rymer himself was the victim of a bloody attack in which he was stabbed repeatedly in Pod 13 at Silverwater.

“On the 15th of March he was assaulted by two persons, he was stabbed nine times,” Mr Williams told the court.

Rymer suffered nine puncture wounds to his back and grazes on his nose and forehead.

A prison report seen by reveals that prior to the stabbing a jail hit was put out on Rymer in retaliation for the visits attack.

The Silverwater prison governor received intelligence that four days after Rymer assaulted the inmate in visits, “a hit had been arranged” on him “reportedly for $250,000”.

Mr Williams asked Magistrate Joy Boulos to consider Rymer had already been punished for the Silverwater attack, via the retaliatory stabbing and the fact it resulted in a second period in protective custody, meaning he was isolated from other inmates.

Chris Rymer and partner celebrate her pregnancy after his prison release on acquittal for the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ attack.Source:Instagram

Chris Rymer visits ‘Wet’n’Wild with the fam’ following his release from prison.Source:Instagram

After intelligence about “the hit”, Rymer was placed in the protection wing, from which the Silverwater governor reported the bikie had requested release.

“I am aware that prisoners do not like to be under protective custody as opposed to segregated custody as they can be labelled as informer or weak,” the governor’s report said.

Ms Boulos rejected Mr William’s argument, but agreed Mr Rymer’s personal situation had changed since the 2016 attack.

This included the fact he was due to start work with a scaffolding firm this week and his partner of ten years was expecting their second child.

She sentenced him to six months jail but backdated it to the time of the offence, meaning he had already served his time by June 5, 2017, while on remand for other charges.

The pregnancy of Rymer’s partner was among the images he has posted on Instagram since his prison release.

Since walking from Silverwater jail before Christmas, Rymer was active on Instagram, showing off his gang tattoos posting a picture of himself with his partner both holding pregnancy test wands.

Rymer in his designer red loafers with a tattooed friend after his jail release.Source:Instagram

Rymer posts in comments with the photographs, “straight out straight into it”. “Love my lil fam can’t wait till August to meet my new baby rymer #freshoutofjailknockingbitchsup #bestbabymummaever #highschoolsweethearts”.

Other photographs show Rymer celebrating with drinks with friends since his release, shopping at high-end store Louis Vuitton earlier this month and lazing in the pool at Wet’n’Wild.

He poses in photographs wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses, red designer loafers and shorts exposing his heavily tattooed legs.

Rymer also has posted pictures of himself eating his partner’s homemade eggs and bacon and a massive chocolate dessert, joking with some of his followers about prison food, writing, “I miss tuna & rice” and with his mother, saying “Mum u should see the feeds me [and another inmate] could make with sh***y jail food”.

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