February 7, 2018

Content Marketing: 2017 vs. 2018. Lessons Discovered and the Challenges Ahead

Excellent content is referred to as one that stands out from all the crowd or works to the reader (it has to do with this subtle distinction in between “assistance” and “hype” which is so thoroughly dissected and analyzed in the book “Youtility” by Jay Baer).

It’s not so simple to achieve the very first thing today. Here’s why:

  1. Practically everybody now is producing content, and
  2. We have less and less time these days to consume it.Fine, perhaps

in 2005 it sufficed to compose an excellent piece, release it on your blog site, then on your Facebook page, and … simply let the good word spread by itself, while the blog stayed competitive. Today– not anymore. Around 2 million posts are being released online every single day. This is why it deserves to stay abreast of any modifications happening in the industry and carefully watch how it grows.Some time earlier, Nowy Marketing, a significant market Polish news website, asked me– along with some other content marketer– to list and briefly describe the most crucial events of 2017 and attempt to foresee what difficulties we’ll be required to face this year. I chose to share my thoughts with you. I’m also exceptionally interested to hear or read your views:

The Biggest Accomplishment of 2017

The trend for material marketing encouraged PR specialists to become thinking about this topic. This is why, in the end, they naturally started to determine more than simply AVEs. PR companies started to hire content specialists and open up whole content marketing departments. Top-down recommendations such as those introduced by AMEC and CIPR in the Western markets weren’t able to achieve as much as change and trends that followed did. “Adapt or die“: Luckily, PR has actually selected the right path.The Biggest Failure of 2017 Treating material as marketing. Many brand names still see and deal with content marketing as a type of advertising. Material that works is one that is diversified and produced continuously for a long time– simply like the media have actually been doing for years now(it’s not without reason that giants such as GE, Intel, or RedBull have previous journalists running their material platforms). Otherwise, the investment we are making is just not going to repay. Bear in mind that”the story should always be more important than you”( While Colson). The A Lot Of Crucial Change of 2017 Much has been said long previously 2017 about it, but I think it

wasn’t up until last year– this is at least what

various research studies show– that business focusing their efforts on material marketing lastly began to treat it strategically. And method is where their success stories will originate from: Source: Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs The numbers aren’t striking yet, but at least there’s some modification noticeable. 91 %B2B online marketers confessed that they ‘d been committed to content marketing (annual report by Material Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs), while 37% have actually a recorded content marketing strategy the bestof all, nevertheless, is that in this year’s research study, companies could not tick “Uncertain” in the concern worrying the existence of a documented content marketing strategy. This year, they might only pick from different options for stating “Yes” or “No,” with one of the “Nos” implying that this scenario will change in the next 12 months.And exactly what’s fascinating, we’ve likewise been experiencing a growing sense that the material we produce is more” fully grown” and sophisticated.The Crucial Event of 2017 The series of Material Espresso meetups that I began in August 2017. I also wood three exceptional specialists in their fields to sign up with the task: Magdalena Urbaniak from Brand24, Gosia Walendziewska from Sotrender, and Ania Mościcka from Whites agency. I think about it as a success on both personal and expert level, as never in the past have we had in our yard such an effort that would tackle the issue of material marketing and enable practitioners to satisfy in an intimate circle to go over a given topic. Today, we have actually already organized four meetups that were signed up with by 5 incredible unique quests (Ania Iller from Allegro, Andrzej Gruszka from Elefante, Kamil Rutkowski and Ania Gumkowska from, Emilia Klimek from ING Bank Śląski). We’ve likewise developed a< a href= > fan page where we’re sharing some guidebook-style content on ways to produce excellent content and our own Brand Journal to document each conference. And we are hungry for more.The Most Intriguing patterns of 2017 Influencer marketing. Coca-Cola’s Kate Santore described it best when she highlighted that brands have currently lost the monopoly for informing their own stories: „ We need to welcome the concept that we are no longer the only narrator of our story. Our fans and the material they

produce are chapters to our story also.” Celebs, blog writers, or social networks influencers managed to do what brand names have been struggling to attain with their marketing campaigns: effectively engage audiences, build shared trust, motivated favorable understandings of the brands, and affect the purchasing decisions of their fans. Nevertheless, this did not come without some severe bad moves along the way: in the US, the Federal Trade Commision( FTC) punished sponsored posts, and needed all celebrities endorsing brands with their image to clearly identify such material(vide: The Guardian about the Fyre celebration and a piece by< a href= > Bloomberg Technology ). Soon, the faithful consumers of brands will become such independent influencers. Less risk, more authenticity, lower expenses, but I will talk more about this a little later.Video. This pattern has not slowed down at all. According to HubSpot, 43%of internet users wish to enjoy video products. Nearly 52% of surveyed marketers believe that video material has the very best ROI. 48%strategy to consist of YouTube in their method and 46 %will begin using video material on Facebook.

As a pointer, examine out this chart from the Buffer Social report( 2016): Source: Buffer Over 80 %of marketers said they ‘d produce more video material, while 42% said they ‘d do more live video. Where of these groups would you put yourself and exactly what did you about it last year?Personalization and Customer-centricity There’s so much content on the web currently that communicating with people like this is just not getting you anywhere: Source: Has it ever been

reliable? No, but some have actually thought this to be true for a very long time. As a matter of truth, lack of knowledge never ever pays, but today this error might cost you more than a while earlier. This is why what matters now is

interactive and initial material and highly targeted

projects. Beyond technology, there’s more to it– culture and company. And according to Forrester’s report, when it concerns this, we ca

n’t expect much to alter anytime quickly. This is how my preferred industry cartoonist summarizes this situation: Source: In the end, the hardest thing about the customer-centric method is staying up to date with the data while at the very same time staying focused on individuals and their needs.The most difficult challenges in 2017 Originality and quality. Stop talking about your brand and start creating material that people will wish to read, listen to or watch. View the market.< a href = > Apple is to invest 1 billion United States dollars for

a streaming platform. PepsiCo launches a content studio

in New York. Google is buying original materialfrom both brand names and media business(as Joe Pulizzi has recently revealed )to bridge the content spaces and support its search algorithms. Facebook is investing in original material. What about Amazon? It’s doing the exact same. Should we call it a coincidence?Different formats need various skills. Brand names that can take pride in fantastic success stories in their content marketing endeavors are imitating the best media publishers. Having a group of columnists won’t do anymore. What’s at play here is a much larger skills and strategic actions. For your material group to produce more and better, you will require these professionals on board: video producers, graphic designers, illustrators, editors, proofreaders, content promotion and distribution professionals, campaign supervisors, coordinators, enforcers,advertising professionals and media purchasers,

PR pros, and experts. And the best difficulty will be to create a structure for such an interdisciplinary team.What changes await us in 2018? One follows the other– content marketing topped the “to-do “lists in 2018( studies by NewBase, Content Marketing Institute, Nordics), which is why we are planning to invest a good deal more in it than we have actually done to date. The concern remains, nevertheless, what does it cost? of these spending plans will be allocated to large-scale, well-considered projects, and how much to ad hoc projects.Smart content. Perhaps it won’t pertain to Poland anytime quickly, but in the West, having Alexa share web material with audiences is standard practice now. Beacons and pairing gadgets increase the possibilities for communicating with content.Micro-influencer marketing.

A long time ago, Forbes estimated that one sponsored social networks post by an influencer with a fan base of one million customers could cost as much as over 50,000 US dollars. Employing a micro-influencer will be less expensive, and more genuine (they’re more open and buddy-buddy ).

Micro-influencers also enable scaling the reach depending on your budget, produce more engagement, and connect with their followers more often.Source: AdWeek What challenges are we about to deal with in 2018 Nielsen’s newest Global Trust report leaves no doubt as to who we trust. Having a truthful and unbiased message is the best method. In the world where everyone is trying to offer something, what your audiences value the most is credibility and integrity. Specifically millennials. Focus on these worths to

win their trust.

This, in turn, will motivate customers to buy from

you, advise your product and services to their loved ones, and support you should a crisis arise.Let me understand what are your thoughts. Cheers and all the very best in # 2018!