September 13, 2018

How to navigate the dynamic digital marketing world

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Mashable recently hosted a special #Mashies Twitter chat to discuss how to adapt to the changing landscape of digital marketing.

Over the course of an hour, @MashBusiness covered an array of questions, ranging from some of the challenges brands and agencies face in digital marketing today, to different ways brands can adjust to the various changes social networks make to their platforms.

Several digital marketing experts joined us to share their insights including: B. Bonin Bough, chief media & ecommerce officer at Mondelz International; Caitlin Bergmann, director of content & creative at MediaCom; Elisabeth Bromberg, director of global social media at Kiehls; and Tham Khai Meng, co-chairman & worldwide CCO at Ogilvy & Mather New York.

Check out highlights from our chat in the Storify, below:

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#Mashies: How to navigate the dynamic digital market

Mashable discussed the ebb and flow of digital media and how to stay on the cusp of the next “big” shift in the field.

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Digital media is constantly changing. Just like finances and fashion, there are cycles and seasons that digital media experiences.

It’s easy to pick up on these changes when you take a step back and analyze the trends that have swept the Internet over the years. Instant messaging (AIM) took the Internet by storm in the 1990s, followed by the birth of Myspace in 2003. Its rival Facebook launched one year later. Fast-forward to 2016, we now have apps like SnapChat, Instagram, and Vine that have placed production tools in the hands of its consumers and are forcing marketers to second guess their traditional methods of producing content.

With each and every digital platform that’s built, there’s an opportunity for marketers to share their message with a new audience. The marketers that refuse to evolve will find recurring challenges at every corner. The marketers that are agile and embrace these changes are the ones that will remain on top.

@mashbusiness and several marketing leaders participated in a special #Mashies Twitter chat to discuss the trends of an ever-changing digital market.

Welcome to our special #Mashies Twitter chat! We’ll be discussing the changing landscape in digital marketing. Please introduce yourselves!Mashable Business
A warm welcome to our marketing experts & leaders: @boughb, @MediaComUS, @ebroms, @Pezmeister1, & @ThamKhaiMeng! #MashiesMashable Business
#Mashies tip: Be sure to number your answers according to the question you’re answering. (ie., Q1.> A1., Q2. > A2., Q3. > A3.)Mashable Business
#Mashies tip #2: Dont forget to include #Mashies at the end of all your answers to be a part of the conversation! :)Mashable Business
Question 1:
Q1. How has the digital landscape changed over the past year? #MashiesMashable Business
@mashbusiness A1. Social platforms continue to morph at light-speed, new mediums sprout Snapchat, Insta, Vine, Periscope, Twitch. #MashiesKhai
@ThamKhaiMeng @mashbusiness couldn’t agree more. Brand greatest challenges is keeping up and connected with their consumersB. Bonin Bough
.@mashbusiness Snapchat, Facebook Live & ChatBots are becoming huge players in the digital sphere. Stay relevant to stick around #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
Q1 I think there’s a bigger emphasis on real-time social eg; FB Live, Snapchat, etc. It’s about less production, more authenticity #MashiesElisabeth Bromberg
Q1 Also to clarify, by real-time I don’t mean real-time events, but posting & sharing in the moment vs. a produced post later #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
@ebroms @mashbusiness agreed. It’s crucial in our constantly connected environment to stay on it. Discussing yesterday today is irrelevant.B. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A1 Its a super fluid space and things are moving rapidly. Its a fun time to be using social media! ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
@mashbusiness A1: debut of mass market VR headset = a strong signal that today’s digital engagement strategy? Obsolete in 5 yrs #MashiesMatthew Cooney
@mashbusiness A1: Snapchat now #1 in video = continued deconstruction of social. “Content” is now texting via multimedia collage #MashiesMatthew Cooney
A1 More “behind the scenes”- letting audience take a peek behind the curtain. Just how much are you all really showing? #mashiesDanielle Iannotti
Question 2:
Q2. What are some challenges brands and agencies face in digital marketing today? #MashiesMashable Business
.@mashbusiness A2 coming from both brand + agency, structures need to be in place to speed processes along #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
.@mashbusiness Q2 trying to get alignment from 15 different people on a tweet or a snap wastes time and hinders relevancy #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
@mashbusiness A2 Being nimble is key. Its striking that balance between having a polished product while still being reactive ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
@MediaComUS @mashbusiness excellent point. Brands have to be ready to pivot to their audience while remaining authentic in their voiceB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A2 You cant sacrifice due diligence and understanding the audience just for the sake of being first. ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
A2 You have to establish a strong brand voice that is what your audience can relate and #engage with. #Mashies #createconversationRaze Media
@mashbusiness A2. We are not reacting fast enough to the constant shifts of peoples sentiments, wants and needs. #MashiesKhai
@ThamKhaiMeng @mashbusiness and being able to service our consumers is what business is all about.B. Bonin Bough
@ThamKhaiMeng @mashbusiness Digital gives us the opportunity to be better connected to our consumers and have a positive impact #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A2 You really have to understand what audience is on what platform and how to speak to them #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
A2 Saturated content- more challenging to produce and promote engaging content that isn’t redundant #mashiesDanielle Iannotti
Question 3:
Q3. With the growth of Snapchat and Facebook video, what’s the key to producing content that fits these platforms? #MashiesMashable Business
Everybody is so worried about “the voice” by the time it gets approved, everything is watered down/late #mashies Ignacio
@mashbusiness A3. Content still needs ideas and stories with compelling narratives to connect with people. That will never change. #MashiesKhai
.@mashies Q3 we’ve just started testing out snapchat (shameless plug: follow us at kiehls) & it’s all about showing an inside look #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
.@mashies Q3 and giving our customers something they haven’t seen before, delivering a very human connection to the brand #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
@mashbusiness A3 We haven’t used either yet but our planning tells us either way to engage! #MashiesSimplx, LLC
@mashbusiness the key is keeping it SHORT and relevant. We all have shorter attn spans due to the influx of content #mashiesSocial Plus
A3. FB + SC approach: Quick and dirty for the authentic feel, yet high quality entertainment and/or informational value. #mashiesDanielle Iannotti
@mashbusiness Q3 Content that feels as if you’re talked to by a human as opposed to talked at by a brand. #MashiesBlake Boe
A3 Just like a brand’s voice, the platforms have their own voice. Find that and then just have fun. #SocialMediaIsFun #MashiesRaze Media
@mashbusiness A3 Again its knowing and understanding your audience. Authenticity is #key. Users want you to keep it real #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A3b Lay low unless you have something meaningful to contribute. Thats how you stand out. #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A3c Users want to engage but only if your content is meaningful #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
A3 Each platform has a unique appeal. Make sure you are using that in your strategy! Your message should be slightly unique to each #MashiesRaze Media
@mashbusiness A3 Personally, Im obsessed with @Snapchat. The filters inspire so many content ideas and vice versa. ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
@MediaComUS A3 The way that brands are using it to break down that 4th wall for an audience is SO good when done well. ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
@mashbusiness A3 Telling a good story via @facebook 360 is really hard. The piece they did at Grand Central was really clever. ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
Question 4:
Q4. How can brands adjust to the various changes social networks make (ie., algorithm updates) to their platforms? #MashiesMashable Business
@mashbusiness A4. Brands have to be on the ball, now more than ever. You need the best technologists to guide creatives. #MashiesKhai
@mashbusiness A4 You NEED to be able to adapt to these changes. The more insight you have into this; the stronger the creative ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
.@mashbusiness maintaining good rapports with the platforms making changes so that you’re 1st to know & can adjust accordingly #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
@mashbusiness A4. By making sure their tech team is vigilant & keeps up w/ the changes in order to adapt. #MashiesKalind Patel
@mashbusiness A4 make sure you know someone you trust! A consultant or digital agency that follows these updates closely. #mashiesSocial Plus
.@mashies Q4 also making sure you have a nimble agency and/or internal content team who can adjust FAST #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
@mashbusiness We do it as a team. As young #entrepreneurs we keep track of proposed releases. So we can use advantageously #MashiesSimplx, LLC
A4 It’s all based on consumer interests so become one! Be an influencer and educator #ConsumerInsight #mashiesRaze Media
@mashbusiness A4 You have to have a willingness to change. We can get attached to a voice/functionality that its hard to adjust #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A4b When you remember the purpose of a voice/digital presence is to connect with consumers it becomes easy to evolve #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A4c Once your accomplish that, these changes social networks make are actually exciting. #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A4d We tend to fear the unknown aka change but once we turn anxiety into excitement, thats where wonder happens #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
A4: As w/all innovation, embrace the inevitable changes: pause, review, recalibrate, move forward. Great opp to stay ahead. #mashiesDanielle Iannotti
Question 5:
Q5. Which platforms do you think digital marketers are not fully optimizing yet? Why? #MashiesMashable Business
@mashbusiness A5 Snapchat for sure. I dont think brands have figured out how to master it. @garyvee do you agree? #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A5. @periscopeco and @Snapchat. These are newer platforms so it takes time to prove a flawless strategy #mashiesSocial Plus
@mashbusiness A5. They are all not fully optimized. Digital platforms are still in their infancy. Weve only scratched the surface. #MashiesKhai
A5. As old school as 1 might consider #EmailMarketing, it’s becoming more smarter & technical than ever. #Mashies Ignacio
@mashbusiness Reddit, it’s based on user-contribution and content is “upvoted” or “downvoted”so blatant marketing may be resisted #MashiesBlake Boe
A5 I 2nd @blake_boe! Reddit chews up/spits out marketers. @snapchat we need 2 stop trying so hard (I know we’re not used to that) #mashiesDanielle Iannotti
A5 Millennials are a highly visual generation. Those platforms are PERFECT for reaching them in their element. #ReachOut #Mashies #VisualsRaze Media
.@mashbusiness Q5 I hate to be all “snapchat, snapchat, snapchat” but……snapchat #MashiesElisabeth Bromberg
@ebroms @mashbusiness And those early adopters were probably told they were risky when they were the first to embrace it! ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
We’ve been saying the same thing! Brands need to get on their #snapchat game up #Mashies Digital Group
@mashbusiness A5 Two years ago, brands were hesitant to play with Snapchat. Now everyone and their mom wants in. ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
@MediaComUS @mashbusiness social HAS to be about risk. you don’t see consumers waiting to join Snapchat until THEY figure it out #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
@MediaComUS @mashbusiness when people try new platforms, they experiment too – testing & learning should be the goal or you’ll miss the boatElisabeth Bromberg
A5 Videos in their daily posts. We are starting those this weekend at an event! #Florida #MashiesSimplx, LLC
.@mashbusiness Q5 as @boughb said, change is scary, & snapchat is very new & different + marketers aren’t really sure what to do #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
A5 Instagram & Snapchat. You can show brand personality and engage on a personal level! Be informative but real #MashiesRaze Media
.@mashbusiness Q5 if you care more about perfection than relevancy, you’re doing social wrong but fear limits change #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
A5) SnapChat/video content is something that needs to be harnessed by all brands. They need to start testing it out! #mashies @mashbusinessStephanie Greenall
Question 6:
Q6. What apps, tools, services or features do you foresee becoming the next ‘big’ things in the near future? #MashiesMashable Business
@mashbusiness A6 #Bots are happening now. As time progresses, #brands communicating direct to consumer will be an expectation #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A6b The piece that needs to be honed is #AI. People want even smarter phones so #Bots have to service that need #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A6. Augmented reality + virtual reality = mixed reality. Who knows where thatll take us but Im pumped to find out. #MashiesKhai
@mashbusiness A6 I love when things are disruptive and get the user to pause, stop and think for a moment. ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
A6 @periscopeco is one Anything introduced by @google @AppleNews @twitter @facebook @instagram and all the incredible app creators #MashiesSimplx, LLC
.@mashbusiness Q6 more digital infused seamlessly into retail experiences to create utility eg: @RebeccaMinkoff, huge opp #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
A5 A6 Data-driven campaigns like we’ve never seen as result of #IOT (Internet of Things) Location/action-based data, etc. #mashiesDanielle Iannotti
A6 Location based apps are on the rise more and more! Location based shopping, dating apps, food and more. #MashiesRaze Media
Question 7:
Q7. How do you envision the digital landscape changing over the next year? Next 5 years? #MashiesMashable Business
A7 Again, data, data, data. Everything we do will produce data to be harnessed, analyzed, and acted-upon by marketers #mashiesDanielle Iannotti
A7) AI, VR, AR… Creating experiences will be key for consumers! #mashies @mashbusinessStephanie Greenall
.@mashbusiness if I honestly could predict what will happen in 5 years I would be a rich lady! #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
@mashbusiness A7 Technology bursting wide open, digital operations more prevalent but human touch imp! #MashiesSimplx, LLC
@mashbusiness A7:The impact of “cord-cutting” will be increasingly recognized #MashiesBlake Boe
@mashbusiness A7 Think #Niche communities. What digital does & encourages is socialization not based on location but interest #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A7b Digital will only keep servicing the want to connect in this way and thats exciting #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A7c From a brand perspective our consumer audience is more fragmented and educated than ever #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A7d and we need to figure out how to communicated and engage with each audience while remaining authentic #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness Anyone who says they know what will happen in five years is lying. But, hedging bets on niche, utility, AR and VR ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
@mashbusiness A7. AR + VR = MR. Mixed Reality will change the world of medicine, education, marketing, art and science. #MashiesKhai
Question 8:
Q8. What final takeaways can you share on how to adapt to an ever-changing market? #MashiesMashable Business
@mashbusiness Listen to data and science. Be curious and creative. Test, learn and try again. Be fearless. ^CB #MashiesMediaCom USA
.@mashbusiness Q8 Be open. Be curious. Be experimental. Don’t let the man get you down. #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
@mashbusiness A8. You got to live, breath and create in the current idiom. If you can think it, you can do it. #GoForIt #MashiesKhai
A8 Know your brand, your audience, and your platforms. That trifecta will allow a great mega phone to get your message out #MashiesRaze Media
a8) Don’t be afraid to test out new technologies! It’s better to try and fail than to not have taken a chance. #mashies @mashbusinessStephanie Greenall
@mashbusiness A8 Stay relevant and remember this is supposed to be fun. Business works best when you build together #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@boughb @mashbusiness Q8 Have fun – that is huge #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
@mashbusiness A8b Empower your audience to contribute and create alongside of them #MashiesB. Bonin Bough
@mashbusiness A8:Look for trends before they happen, stay ahead of the curve instead of playing catch-up #MashiesBlake Boe
A8. Early adopters of software, apps, etc #2 stay ahead of the curve. #MashiesSimplx, LLC
A8 Changes = opportunities! Evaluate, recalibrate, and move forward intelligently. #mashiesDanielle Iannotti
.@mashbusiness Q8 And stop thinking like a “marketer”, and start thinking like a human being #mashiesElisabeth Bromberg
Closing Comments:
Thank you for joining todays special #Mashies Twitter chat!Mashable Business
.@mashbusiness thank you for having me! Great chatting with everyone. #MashiesElisabeth Bromberg
Learned alot during the @mashbusiness Twitter chat today on future of digital marketing & looking frwrd to engaging at the next one #mashiesAmy Lucantoni
@mashbusiness Great chat, everybody! Thanks for having me! ^@Pasty #MashiesMediaCom USA
Thank you @mashbusiness and fellow #mashies! It was a pleasure to connect with you all. Until next time! #mashies #marketingDanielle Iannotti
@mashbusiness I loved it! When’s round two? #MashiesB. Bonin Bough

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