5 content marketing errors that shout amateur

Everyone begins someplace. I want you to be incredibly successful. There are so numerous pitfalls in content marketing, however if you follow the suggestions below, you’ll delight in a smoother start than I did! 1. Going back to square one in a crowded space.Warren Buffet offers some amazing financial investment recommendations, and it applies to […]

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Organizing your marketing tech stack

More posts by this contributor: Startup Marketing And How Emotion Drives Customer Action Figuring out how to organize your marketing stack is almost like putting together a 1,000 piece blank jigsaw puzzle impossible. A Q1 17 survey by CMO Council and RedPoint Global revealed only 3% of respondents felt all of their automation, engagement and deployment […]

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A marketing campaign to get people in Africa to eat sweet potatoes? It’s working.

Random thoughts I have while looking at sweet potatoes: “You’d look great as a plate of fries.” “Honestly, who was the first to decide to put marshmallows all over you?” “Wait. Are these yams?” A thought I have never had: This type of potato saves lives. As it turns out, they might actually do just […]

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