January 12, 2018

Pippa Middleton blasted on social media after sharing recipe

Pippa Middleton is being called “out of touch” and “terrible” by some in Britain after promoting her avocado tortilla recipe for disadvantaged children.

Avocados, as most know, aren’t exactly the most affordable fruit these days.

Duchess Kate’s sister has been working with the Magic Breakfast charity, whose mission is to help financially-strapped parents feed their kids a nutritious breakfast. In speaking to the i Newspaper, Pippa suggested her avocado-based meal was a healthy start to the day. Other ingredients included olive oil. She also suggested parents should serve the pancakes with a handful of fresh coriander and natural yogurt.

No one argued that the meals didn’t sound nutritious or delicious, but she was mocked on social media for choosing expensive ingredients, considering she’s appealing to disadvantaged families.

One woman tweeted, “Avocado? Tortilla? For kids who didn’t get breakfast? How silly can people be. I think baked beans or tinned tomatoes might be more popular, have good nutrition and cost a lot less and be easier to prepare.”

Another, in response to i Newspaper’s post, said on Facebook, “Good to see that i’s Magic Breakfast appeal to help provide breakfasts for kids has reached its target. They will now be able to provide more bagels and porridge for those who don’t get breakfast otherwise. However, the effect is somewhat [spoiled] by publishing a recipe for Pippa Middleton’s breakfast favorite of Egg and Avocado Tortilla.”

One man added, “Celebrity charity endorsements can work, but this is terrible. Royal sister Pippa Middleton promoting breakfast for poor kids with her avocado tortilla recipe.”

The royal-adjacent socialite was also blasted for speaking about her favorite breakfast, which certainly seems to be pure fantasy for many who can’t afford lavish meals.

“It was up a mountain in the Trois Vallees ski region of France, with beautiful views, snow all around and crisp, fresh air to heighten the senses,” she said.

One person criticized her, writing, “What better way to highlight the plight of underfed children by showing the disconnect between them and Pippa Middleton; here regaling us of her most memorable breakfast… I’m sure those kids are right there with you…”