October 15, 2017

SNLs Hillary Clinton Goes Full Love Actually on Elector: Trump Will Kill Us All

In a spoof of Love Actually, Kate McKinnons Hillary Clinton shows up at an electors door. Instead of To me, you are perfect, its something far more bleak. “>

A modern day heartwarming Christmas classic meets a modern day heartbreaking cultural tragedy whenSaturday Night Livespoofed theiconicLove Actuallyscenewhere theguy fromThe Walking Deadwith the sexy chunky sweater game (*googles*: Andrew Lincoln) confesses his love toKeira Knightley.

In the scene from the2003 film that everyone is obsessed withI myself cry annually along with Emma Thompson and Joni MitchellMark shows up at the door of his recently married friend, Juliet, with a stack of white poster boards with his love letter written on it phrase by phrase. You know the scene. Because its Christmas, one reads, as he shrugs his shoulder, eventually inducing the nation into a mass swoon as, shivering in the cold, he reveals the clincher: To me, you are perfect.

Its so goddamn charming.

On this weeksSaturday Night Live, it wasKate McKinnons Hillary Clintons turn to desperately turn up on the door step of the girl who got away:an elector.

Let me just say, one poster reads. Because its Christmas And at Christmas you tell the truth I know youre an elector And on December 19th Youre supposed to vote for Donald Trump.

Then comes Act Two ofSNLs joke.

But bish the next card reads, He cray

The following cards detail his cray: a refusal to attend security briefings, provoking China, grievances against his cabinet picks so long that the card unfolds accordion-style.

Clinton then implores her beloved to vote for literally anyone else, not even necessarily her: Tom Hanks, Zendaya, The Rock, a rock Then she starts quotingThe Help:You is kind, you is smart, you is important, before admitting that shes confusing the classic scenes because shes never seen a movie. (An oldie but goodie: mocking Clinton for being out of touch with culture.)

The whole thing ends with Clinton warning that if the elector doesnt, Trump will kill us all.

How sweet.

In truth, its a hilarious holiday-themed punch at Trumps post-election hubris and Clintons own sheepishness.

SNLis notorious for balking at the suggestion that any of their political comedy is partisan, but the last few weeks have been a definitively anti-Trump, Clinton mourning period. The Democratic popular vote winner hasnt really had her campaign bungles spoofed, but, as this weeks cold open proved, the show is eager to tick-tock every ludicrous and dangerous move the Trump administration has made, going so far as to suggest, albeit cheekily, that he will actually kill us.

Is it delayed guilt for any part the show or NBC played in the rise of Trump, be it by giving him a hosting stint or a cozy platform onThe Tonight Showand still yet, aproducer credit onThe Apprentice?

Well, because its Christmas and on Christmas you tell the truth its all funny and admirable even but wed have done what Keira Knightley shouldve done if she was sane in that silly movie: shut the door in the kooks face.

Is now too little, too late?

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