January 11, 2018

Social media reacts to Marvin Lewis contract extension

January 2, 2018

Lewis is coming off back-to-back losing seasons and has no playoff wins in 15 seasons with Cincinnati.

Here’s a sampling of reaction to the news on Twitter:

Marvin Lewis is returning to coach the Bengals. You know what they say:
The 16th year is the charm!

— Luke Null (@Luke_Null) January 2, 2018

Just seeing the Marvin Lewis news.

Never seen a situation quite like that. I get the #Bengals were a disaster before he showed up, but….

15 seasons, no playoff wins, 52% winning record.

He shouldn’t be employed.

— Tyler Steege (@TSteegeNFL) January 3, 2018

I’m sure Marvin Lewis is a great guy. But its time for the Bengals to move on

— clutchness (@the_chad11) January 3, 2018

I know a lot of ppl focus on #MarvinLewis 0-7 playoff record, but let’s be real. Carson’s knee was blown out in ‘05, Coles was their best WR in ‘09, ‘11 & ‘12 HOU was the better team, everybody was hurt in ‘14. In ‘15 they had it and lost their poise & ‘13 they should’ve won.

— Drew Koch (@DrewKoch714) January 3, 2018

Marvin Lewis getting a contract extension is pathetic. Management just proved they’re cool with failure.

— Geoff Gates (@GeoffGates) January 3, 2018

S/O to Marvin Lewis, coach of the Bengals!!!! I need that type of job security! 🤷🏾‍♀️

— Chanele N Cunningham (@MakeupByCoco) January 3, 2018

Marvin Lewis is coming back. Bring back Peko, Maualuga, and Whitworth while you’re at it

— Jeffrey (@KloekerJT) January 3, 2018

It’s not Marvin Lewis that is the problem, it’s Mike Brown

— Mason Blankenship (@Mase21113) January 3, 2018

Though Marvin Lewis has a record of .527 as head coach of the @Bengals, he missed the playoffs the last two seasons and when he did make it, he never won a single playoff victory. They should have let him go.

— Brent Stern-Bogan (@TheBoodha) January 3, 2018

2018 Goals: Find someone who loves me the way Mike Brown loves Marvin Lewis. 🤦🏼‍♀️ #icantquityou#bengals

— Kristin Martinez (@martee24) January 3, 2018

I root for Marvin Lewis let’s win the division next year

— Dustin Ellis (@DEllis_11) January 3, 2018

Marvin Lewis is a great coach. Love the signing. It will keep the Steelers on top of 5 he AFC North for at least two more years!

— James Furry (@james_furry) January 2, 2018

Marvin Lewis is gonna he the Bengals coach till the day he dies 😂😂

— Dino Esposito (@Dino_esposito99) January 2, 2018

Hey, everyone complaining about Marvin Lewis keeping his job….remember the Browns are keeping their head coach who makes Lewis look like Don Shula in comparison.

— Jerome Goolsby (@JLG1956) January 2, 2018

I love Marvin Lewis, but staying with the Bengals is a bad fit for both sides.

— J Allan (@JAllan55) January 2, 2018

Whether you agree or disagree with Marvin Lewis being back with the #Bengals do true fans want the days of Bruce Coslet, David Shula, Dick LeBeau?? Get a OL & guys healthy & see what happens. #JustSaying 🤔🏈

— Just A Sports Guy (@5thFloorCards) January 2, 2018

Marvin Lewis retained by Bengals and Carson Palmer retires…I wish we could reverse these stories… #justsaying 😆 #Bengals

— Terry Jordon (@tnjordon) January 2, 2018


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