Bernie Sanders

Social Media-Powered Berniecrats Try to Move the Party Left

Donald Trump is president, and Senator Bernie Sanders nearly unseated the beltway-est beltway candidate, Hillary Clinton, for the Democratic nomination. Which leaves both mainstream Republicans and Democrats looking pretty limp and ineffectual. But the populist political appeal of one person—Trump or Sanders—rarely lasts beyond that person. But even if Sanders […]

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How social media saved socialism

Forget the idea that Twitter and Facebook are bad for democracy. Bubbles can be beneficial, and help emerging movements unite against the elites Socialism is stubborn. After decades of dormancy verging on death, it is rising again in the west. In the UK, Jeremy Corbyn just led the Labour party […]

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Alert the media! What Hillary just revealed is a ‘direct threat to democracy’

Well, she did say that she's been drinking chardonnay to get by… — Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) May 26, 2017 In her recent profile in New York Magazine (the one where she suggested that conservatives want her to die or something), Hillary Clinton also reveals a dirty little secret: Clinton […]

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Bernie Sanders: Trump was right, Australian healthcare is better

Sanders also says Senate should use Australian system as model while crafting an alternative to Republicans replacement for Obamacare Bernie Sanders has declared President Donald Trump was right the virtues of Australias universal healthcare system, saying it guarantees better service to all Australians at about half the cost of US […]

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