Oscar Health rolls out its small business product Oscar for Business

Oscar Health, a startup rethinking health insurance for the digital age, is rolling out a new product for small businesses called reportedly lost $128 million in the first three quarters of last year and was downfailed to gain consensus on a bill to repeal President Obamas legislative legacy, our current […]

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Starbucks’ ‘Unicorn Frappuccino’ is the latest food or drink designed just for social media

Image: starbucks To anyone who hasn’t spent time on certain corners of Instagram, Starbucks’ latest creation and the viral hype surrounding it might be a bit confusing. The neon “Unicorn Frappuccino” clashes hard with the coffee chain’s affected faux-Italian branding. It’s not the sort of drink that one imagines ordering […]

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Risky business: do companies pay a price for expressing political views?

Staying politically neutral on Trump administration policies is proving difficult for businesses in the face of mounting public pressure American companies have a long history of weighing in on political and social issues. But the election of Donald Trump has fueled public pressure on businesses to go much further to […]

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5 ways inclusive marketing can benefit your business feat. Nigel Barker

Inclusive marketing is a technique that consumers may not be able to pinpoint, but for many businesses, it’s the secret ingredient behind creating ads that set out to empower people and create confidence amongst consumers. SEE ALSO: Pepsi pulls cringeworthy Kendall Jenner ad after massive backlash Inclusive marketing is marketing […]

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Instagram’s VP of business says 2017 is the app’s year to shine

Image: mashable composite 2016 was the “defining year for Instagram,” says James Quarles, Instagram’s VP of Business. The Facebook-owned app got a new interface (black and white), a new logo (bright colors) and a new product that sounds and looks quite a bit like Snapchat Stories. To sound like a […]

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Is business starting to get spooked about Donald Trump? | Larry Elliott

After his U-turns at home and Dr Strangelove-style antics abroad, markets and investors are supposing that the president is making it up as he goes along China is not gaining an unfair trade advantage through the manipulation of its currency. The kindest interpretation of this latest flip-flop is that Trump […]

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