Americas vitriol towards Clinton reveals a nation mired in misogyny | Hadley Freeman

She has a crucial story to tell, yet critics on both left and right are shouting her down, writes Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman There has been much talk of late from professed fans of American history about how important it is to remember the major figures from the countrys political […]

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Ex-Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort tells Senate panel of Russia meeting

Committee rescinds subpoena after Manafort agrees to turn over notes, while Jared Kushner returns to Capitol Hill for second day of private testimony Donald Trumps former campaign chairman met Senate investigators Tuesday, providing his recollection of a Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer and agreeing to turn over contemporaneous […]

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How social media saved socialism

Forget the idea that Twitter and Facebook are bad for democracy. Bubbles can be beneficial, and help emerging movements unite against the elites Socialism is stubborn. After decades of dormancy verging on death, it is rising again in the west. In the UK, Jeremy Corbyn just led the Labour party […]

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The Resistance Now: activists say ‘hell no’ to Republican healthcare bill

Progressives sprung into action with dozens protesting outside the Senate majority leaders office, while Democrats took stock after Ossoffs loss So about that healthcare bill… Dozens of people were arrested after protesting outside Senate majority leader Mitch McConnells office on Thursday including some in wheelchairs as Republicans unveiled Republicans unveiled […]

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Virginia primary: Ed Gillespie ekes out win to face Ralph Northam in governor’s race

Three-way Republican primary remains too close to call in governors race as the general election is expected to preview what the 2018 midterms will look like Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam won the Democratic nomination in the closely watched race for governor Tuesday, defeating a more liberal insurgent challenger in […]

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CLASSY: Dems (including Nancy Pelosi) and media spread FALSE rumor of beer bash after AHCA vote

Upon seeing beer delivered to the Capitol, a bunch of Democrats (including Nancy Pelosi) and reporters accused the GOP of throwing a beer bash to celebrate the House passing the AHCA. Man these people are dumb. Democrats, Reporters Baselessly Accuse GOP of Throwing Beer Party to Celebrate Health Care Bill […]

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