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Jon Stewart Returns to Take Down Trump and the GOP: I See Your Bullshit

On the day Roger Ailes resigned and Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination, Jon Stewart returned to what he does best: ripping Republicans and Fox News. “> Following his surprise appearance on The Late Show earlier this week to help usher The Colbert Reports Stephen Colbert back into our hearts, […]

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Forget Breitbart: the White House has a new favorite rightwing media outlet

Circa, a video-heavy site aimed at viewers in their teens and 20s, has attracted attention from other outlets for a series of scoops on the Russian investigation Fox News has such an influence on proclamations on Twitter by searching for the Fox and Friends segment that Rupert Murdoch, a ruthless […]

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WAAH! CNN’s Brian Stelter is pissed at Fox News for using HIS OWN COMMENTS to slam the media

Karma’s only a b*tch when you are first, CNN. How Fox's talk shows work: take a two-day-old uncontroversial comment from me, use it to complain about the media — Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) July 6, 2017 Gosh, Brian seems awfully mad. Huh … wonder why. And hey, those comments […]

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