Hillary Clinton

SNLs Hillary Clinton Goes Full Love Actually on Elector: Trump Will Kill Us All

In a spoof of Love Actually, Kate McKinnons Hillary Clinton shows up at an electors door. Instead of To me, you are perfect, its something far more bleak. “> A modern day heartwarming Christmas classic meets a modern day heartbreaking cultural tragedy whenSaturday Night Livespoofed theiconicLove Actuallyscenewhere theguy fromThe Walking […]

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Hillary Clinton wants Exxon investigated after this ‘astounding coincidence’

Hillary Clinton recently called for an investigation of Exxon. We can’t help but wonder if she’d have done the same if the company had maintained its financial relationship with a certain foundation: Curious indeed: ExxonMobil, which is being accused by global warming activists of misleading the public about climate change, […]

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Americas vitriol towards Clinton reveals a nation mired in misogyny | Hadley Freeman

She has a crucial story to tell, yet critics on both left and right are shouting her down, writes Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman There has been much talk of late from professed fans of American history about how important it is to remember the major figures from the countrys political […]

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Trump campaign paid $50,000 to Trump Jr’s lawyer before emails released

Payment to Alan Futerfass firm made 13 days before emails relating to alleged links to Russia were publicly released Donald Trumps campaign committee paid $50,000 to the firm of a lawyer representing Donald Trump Jr Trump did not know about his sons meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June […]

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Media AWAKENINGS! LA Times reminds everybody when to ‘set your alarms’

Buzzfeed’s editor recently said that Donald Trump has “breathed new life” into the media, and here’s more evidence that statement is totally accurate: Set your alarms: Comey's testimony starts at 7 am PT Thursday. Here's what to expect — Los Angeles Times (@latimes) June 6, 2017 It’s official: […]

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Alert the media! What Hillary just revealed is a ‘direct threat to democracy’

Well, she did say that she's been drinking chardonnay to get by… — Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) May 26, 2017 In her recent profile in New York Magazine (the one where she suggested that conservatives want her to die or something), Hillary Clinton also reveals a dirty little secret: Clinton […]

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