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Boris Johnson caught on camera reciting Kipling in Myanmar temple

Foreign secretarys impromptu recital of colonial-era poem was so embarrassing the UK ambassador was forced to stop him The foreign secretary has been accused of incredible insensitivity after it emerged he recited part of a colonial-era Rudyard Kipling poem in front of local dignitaries while on an official visit to […]

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Calls for unity as thousands attend anti-Brexit rally in London

Lib Dem Ed Davey says remainers should listen to other side and be a unifying force, as estimated 50,000 turn out in capital Opponents of Brexit who turned out in their tens of thousands for one of the largest marches yet against Britains withdrawal from the EU have been told […]

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May refuses invitation to address European parliament in public

Exclusive: PMs decision described as yet another own goal as minutes of Brussels meeting reveal low opinion of David Davis Theresa May has caused further ill will in Brussels by rejecting an invitation to address the European parliament in public, EU sources have said, instead insisting she will only talk […]

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Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals

Exclusive: Tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, with 83% of samples found to be polluted Microplastic contamination has been found in tap water in countries around the world, leading to calls from scientists for urgent research on the implications for health. Scores of […]

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Theres a disaster much worse than Texas. But no one talks about it | Jonathan Freedland

A long way from Houston, America and Britain are helping to cause the worlds worst humanitarian crisis, writes the Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland A quick quiz. No Googling, no conferring, but off the top of your head: what is currently the worlds worst humanitarian disaster? If you nominated once-in-a-thousand-years calamity […]

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UK business leaders to call for indefinite delay in leaving single market

CBI and other groups to urge ministers to change their Brexit strategy to allow more time for a long-term trade deal Business leaders are to demand that ministers agree an indefinite delay in Britains departure from the European single market and customs union to give more time for talks on […]

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